this just goes on & on

B looks at Oscar (the observer) & says “perception of initiative determines gods will”

Condition: Nobody knows.

C asks A ” how did this happen?

A guesses 50-50 and looks at B for verification (makes monkey face)

B thinks A knows but it’s actually the perception of A’s initiative (he looks interested)

An airplane crashes in the desert slowly spinning tail first

God is outraged and calls his lawyer.

Lawyer determines there’s no precident

God fries his ass w/ a bolt of lightning.

condition reiterates (goto line1)


Fraudulent Science

This is a possible solution to fraudulent science which supports scam and medical products, and false news from vested interests which undermines public confidence in news including government reports.

The solution is a legal avenue for “bounty hunter” labs and news reporters to be able to sue in behalf of public interest. So that it would be an investment by competitors and the public in behalf of truth and accuracy.

Upon review of evidence, public money would be partially provided to persecute false information. The money is returned to the public treasury when the case is concluded by fines placed on the defendant. The bounty hunter also gets a share of fines paid to attract whichever kind of expertise is necessary to obtain evidence.

The whistle blower doesn’t necessarily get the bulk of the reward, that’s the incentive for the bounty hunter to put up partial funding (in conjunction with public money) and collect supporting evidence.

Genetic modification doesn’t bother me (heck no)

Genetic modification doesn’t bother me, except for 2 things:

1. When it makes a plant resistant to poisons that kill everything else, because that encourages the use of that poison. For example Roundup, containing Glyphosphate herbicide, has been shown to be a persistent toxin in the soil for years and negatively affects crop productivity in clay containing soil, as well as fish, animal, insect, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria populations [1], [2].
2. Legal compulsion bothers me too. For example: Multi-billion dollar corporations using the benign qualities of genetic engineering to excuse corporate hegemony of world food resources through patents.

Monsanto manipulates market demand through politics and advertising, to make a major food source (and thus everyone using it) dependent on a single minuscule genome. The modified plants (AKA Roundup Ready seeds) only unique survival trait being a resistance to a particular synthetic herbicide, while being completely dependent on major capital, legal, and media support.

Imagine a zombie apocalypse where all the survivors live in scattered dwellings, each with one door (each door is a unique genome). Occasionally a door gets breached and the occupant gets eaten up but it only affects single individuals and not the total population. Then someone (probably a corporate lawyer) advises everyone to move together and live in a mall, also with one door. What could possibly go wrong?

Check this Video about Monsanto ( and